Turtle Tour Tamarindo

In one of the most important spawnings and nesting sites in Costa Rica, you'll be able to experience pure nature; observing the Green Sea Turtle (also known as the Black Turtle), the Olive Ridley Turtle, and possibly the very rare Leatherback Turtle.
During the warmest months of the year in Guanacaste, we find the peak season (predominantly from October through May), when it's possible especially at night to observe turtles come out of the water, building their nests, laying their eggs, and even can observe sometimes babies hatching and going out to the ocean!!
A bilingual naturalistic guide will help you to understand the process of spawning and nesting, a unique experience.

Please note :

The guide will provide a special infrared light that does not disturb the turtles.
No flashlights or flash photography are allowed because light may confuse the turtles.

Turtle Tour Tamarindo

Experience True Nature



per person

What is included:

  • Everything is included!

  • Bilingual tour guide

  • Comfortable A/C vehicles round trip ground

What to bring:

  • Hiking or tennis shoes

  • Repellent